There is a certain blogger out there with a severe case of over inflated ego. This blogger seems to think that the mere fact that it posts daily on its blog makes that person and the blog it operates something special.

The blog owner  puts itself on a pedestal, claiming to be the best thing that ever happened to the world of blogging. That persons claim  could not be farther than the truth.

For a while there was this mounting and intense effort to seek the identity of this blog owner who, for some peculiar reason, goes to extreme efforts to hide who it is they actually are.

I briefly joined this game of “who the hell is who” but have now tired of it, realizing that it does not matter who the person is.

The person already has an identity, it has a handle, a username. Knowing its legal surname would  accomplish nothing more than a “so that is who it is, how about that?”

It is sort of like the fanfare that went into wanting to know who shot JR.

Once the answer was found out, interest died out and now many probably have forgotten the answer. The tv series went off the air and is now nothing more than an answer in a trivia game.

In the end it would be useless information. There are hundreds of Thousands of blogs out there were the owner and author clearly state who they are and nobody seems overly concerned about it.

Thus, this game of name the blogger is irrelevant and I have chosen to no longer play that game.

As large as that blog is, it is small by comparison to the millions of other blogs out there. There are larger, more important and more active blogs out there that has content that actually contribute something to the internet society and to society at large.

I harbor no such illusion. This blog is a personal one and is small on purpose. It is meant to reach a small audience of friends and supporters.

The other blog, on the other hand, constantly brags how big it is and how important it is. The owner recently, on it’s twitter account went into an extended tweeting binge commenting about those the person has supported and those who have betrayed the blogger.

It seemed that the Blogger was portraying itself as a monarch and was rebuking its subjects, mainly those who were going against the mandate of the monarchy.

The blog in question has as its mandate “satire, spoof, and smack”, whatever that is. This tagline on the blog is merely and excuse for the blogger and its contributors to bully and attack the subject of its blog postings.

Blogs of this nature are nothing more then the litter of the internet. At some point in the future the administrator will likely tire of the daily grind of posting its garbage on a daily basis and will shut down.

Memories of the blog will fade and it will soon go the way of obscurity ultimately have proven to have been of no use or benefit to society.

All blogs, including this one, have a limited life span. Lives change and people move on, New blogs spring up every minute of every day. Some will catch on and some will not.

So, To my few friends and detractors I say this: For as long as this blog is around and for as long as I choose to write within it……

Stay tuned