I was quite surprised to learn that Michelle Lynne McKee was promoting a movie created by Joseph M Monks with whom she has had an ongoing dispute going back several years. That is, until one takes a closer look at just how she is promoting the video.


Now, rather than promote the film by sending it to each and every one of her followers she has done in the past, she has changed things a bit. She has put in those who have “endorsed” the film which includes an endorsement by me. This is a misrepresentation by McKee since I have not been asked to endorse anything. I am not a follower of Horror Genre and have not seen even the trailer for the film.

As to why she is doing this, she claims it is because she is promoting the film because Mr Monks “has an axe to grind.”

This is, of course, a lie. What Michelle is actually doing is sabotaging the sale of his film.

You see, Mr Monks makes his living, in part by making and selling videos FOR A FEE. He makes a living this way. Making these things costs a lot of money.

What Michelle L McKee is actually doing is promoting PIRACY and directing people to a website that is INFRINGING on the copyright of Mr Monk’s intellectual property.

Now, in the process of her stunt, Michelle L McKee does not seem to care about the consequences to those FOLLOWERS on her twitter account by linking to that website to see what all of the fuss is about.

Hence the question by Mr Olson, one of her more prominent followers:


Now, imagine his surprise if he were to click on that link. Would he see this come up on his screen or would his pc not have the protection in place to advise him that he is treading in dangerous waters?


The first thing one notices is the warning placed here by my browser which blocked my access to this website:


In the top right hand corner of my screen appears this reason for why access is being blocked by my browser:


Now, just to be certain people understand how I got to this site, let the reader take a gander at this next screen shot:


Now, IF Michelle L McKee was being honest and above board about her “promotion” of Mr Monk’s video, why did she not direct readers to HIS website where he is actively promoting the video?



The answer to that question might have to do with a tweet McKee made on her twitter account regarding Mr Monks:


Aside from the fact that Michelle L McKee does not understand copyright laws and how copyright dates are established, one needs to look closely at the tone of her comment.

Since the dispute between Michelle L McKee and Mr Monks had quite a bit to do with this video, this remark indicates a false narrative on her part.

What Michelle L McKee has done is not only to promote an illegal media pirating site, she has also placed the security of the computers of her FRIENDS as well as her foes at risk by posting that link.

Some friend

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