It seems that Michelle L Mckee is intent on minimizing any connection she may have with Federal agents or agencies. This, of course taking place mainly due to her affiliation with Anonymous and one KyAnonymous in particuler. It is interesting to point out that Kyanonymous was raided by the FBI in April and is now facing some real serious charges.


Michelle McKee also posted a short while back that she was taking a position as a supervisor for a company that is in the same line of business as NICB for which Michelle was an Analyist.  She had made the claim that she was contacted by the company asking HER to join the firm.


When Michelle L McKee was the editor of In Cold Blog she went out of her way to point out her history with POTUS, the FBI, even the Deputy Director of the FBI as well as the lead FBI agent in the investigation of the Oklahoma City bombing.


 Now how would someone who is an “ordinary private citizen” have access to Social Security Numbers? Now that she is fully involved with Anonymous and their causes, she is now choosing to minimize her affiliation with any law enforcement agents or federal agency.


If I were a member of Anonymous affiliated with these causes and connected in any way with Kyanonymous, it might be something to take into consideration.