It seems at this point, that the efforts of one Aronc2 has failed. After announcing that there was going to be a special investigation formed, Alexandra Goddard and others started calling the offices of the Senator said to have been contacted to determine if there was, in fact, an oversight committee being formed to review everything that happened in the aftermath of the Big Red Rape case.

Since June, 28th, there has not been one word from Aronc2 about why no announcement has been made. It seems there was either a miscommunication or there is not going to be any committee formed.

Aronc2 has stopped his radio show and has not announced if he intends to continue to attempt to put an end to the bickering that has resulted from the events that have transpired having to do with this case.

What is rather odd about this situation is that the very people who have called for so called investigations into cover ups and oversight into what happened during the investigation and prosecution of the defendants seem to be celebrating the fact that there is no such investigation.

I am not celebrating, I am disappointed. It is not likely that there will be oversight. As a result the bickering and accusations will continue.

It seems that this is what the naysayers have wanted all along.

Stay tuned