portmanOn His June 28th, 2013 evening Blogtalk Radio broadcast, @Aronc2 made an announcement that he had been notified of an oversight committee being formed to look into the Big Red Rape case.


He also posted an announcement on Twitter regarding the meeting with the Senator:


This announcement resulted in a number of people calling into the various offices of Sen Don Portman of Ohio to either confirm nor deny the claims made in the announcement.

Twitter posts immediately appeared stating that Sen Portman’s offices denied that such an oversight commitee was being formed.

rtAronc2 then modified his claim, stating that The President of the AFL/CIO had spoken to the Senator and perhaps it was Mr. Trumeka who had discussed the matter with him. It was not stated in the twitter post below what the exact reason for his meeting with the Senator was.


What is surprising about all of this is how a certain group was in a hurry to dispel any formation of an oversight committee that might be looking into THEIR concerns that there were questionable actions by local government employees at all levels in dealing with the aftermath of the Big Red Rape incident.

It is as if this group was hoping such an oversight committee was NOT being formed.


The blogger who claimed to have broken the story of the rape and had been the loudest in the demands that the cover up be investigated actually spearheaded the effort to disclaim the announcement by Aronc2.

Sometime on the evening of July, 1, 2013, we may hope to learn weather or not the Senator or anyone else intends to form an oversight committee.

I do remember that Aronc2 had stated that he was made privy to this proposed committee through an invitation to a select few media representatives as well as him self to something similar to a press conference .

If it turns out that for some reason such a committee is not going to be formed, it will be up to Aronc2 to explain how the misunderstanding came about.

Stay tuned