A rather odd set of twitter posts appeared this evening. The posts seemed to show a well known blogger making some rather inappropriate posts to another twitter account.







Right away I spotted that there was an obvious problem when I went and found the ORIGINAL twitter post from where this screen shot came from.

Since I have been a victim of this kind of nonsensical impersonation, I knew what clues to look for. First, let us look at the profile portion of both the real and the fake twitter accounts.

This first example is the fake, Nikki account



This second example is the legitimate Nikki account:



Take a close look at the highlighted area at the bottom left hand corner. Notice how many tweets there are and also take note of the following/follower list numbers. There has been a claim that the offending tweets have been removed. By the looks of the compared images not only has a huge number of tweets been removed, but the numbers of followers and those following have changed as well.

Now, take a gander at the following and follower list on the fake account:



Where are all the “friendly” followers? Also take a look at exactly who is following this account and who the followers are. I follow the genuine account and the genuine account follows me. So where am I on both of these lists?

So, one might ask, how does one tell the real from the fake?








The answer to this little puzzle comes in what is NOT seen in the screenshot above. It is something called a twitter URL:

This is the URL to the FAKE twitter account:


Now, here is the URL to the REAL twitter account:


Now just for the heck of it, click EACH of the links and see what happens.

Now you are probably wondering just how the hell Popadopolus was able to pull that one off? The answer is quite simple. Look at the two screen shots:






The L was changed to an I. This is one common trick that is used with faking twitter accounts. This ONLY shows up in the URL. The content of the page will not show the impersonation. The URL does NOT show up unless one takes a real close look at the top of the twitter page and then in a font size that is so small that you might not spot the difference.

This is how all the fake content about me and others has been created. Quite a few people have been subjected to this kind of impersonation. Now one of the key creators of this fake nonsense has been exposed.

One has to wonder how many others like him are out there creating this kind of fake content to unnecessarily victimize innocent bystanders.

One might even wonder if the so called evidence released in the Big Red Rape case, you know, all of those horrible tweets and texts said to be by Saltsman and others are also faked in the manner demonstrated here?

There is such a thing as REASONABLE DOUBT!

Stay tuned