Just about a month ago, the sock puppet Executioner posted an article critical of me. That article had to do with a rather pointed statement as to what some consider the proper punishment for pedophiles or rapists.


At that time, I did not know where I had obtained that photo from. It has been widely spread around on Facebook and also on twitter. I finally found the original image on twitter quite by accident.


Now, if Executioner wants to accuse someone of deviant behavior for posting that image, it can direct that criticism toward the individual who  originally posted it.

It is interesting to note the date the above post was made by MissNikkiKnows and then by me which is almost a MONTH later: 


The one thing I find odd about the post by Executioner is, since it is on Radionewz and also on The Radionewz following/follower list, is why it did NOT see this post when it ORIGINALLY appeared on Twitter. RNB is both following and is followed by this twitter account.

Note also the retweets. (see arrow) At least one of these individuals is on the RNB follow/follower list which means that Executioner was likely aware of the true source of the image.

Stay tuned