If anything, the reaction by Radionewz.net regarding the dismissal of the Restraining order against Don Carpenter can be summed up as rather confusing.




While  I am not privy to the exact details of the civil suit, the main thrust seems to be that Mr Carpenter was accused of stalking and other associated actions having to do with his affiliation with Anonymous.


What makes this reaction confusion is almost word for word, the same exact accusations were made against me by a woman in Arizona whom I had never met. In both cases the women made unsubstantiated claims of threats that would be of great concern to the plaintiff.

In both his case and mine, a summons was served by a deputy sheriff spelling out what the Ohio court demanded of him and what the  Arizona court demanded of me.

One demand made by the Arizona court was that I turn over all of my weapons to the deputy. That did not happen. Arizona has no authority to order a Florida law enforcement officer to violate my second amendment rights.

What was interesting is the reaction that came out of the same group about the action against me. It was quite different. In the Ohio case, the parties to the case had intimate contact with each other. They had a history. They lived fairly close to each other which could be argued that the plaintiff had legitimate concerns regarding unwanted contact.

In the case of the Arizona woman, we had never physically met. We had no intimate contact of any kind. We also lived thousands of miles apart. The order simply stated that I was not to come within a certain distance. End of story.

The Carpenter case also points out what would have resulted had I chosen to fly to Arizona and fight the order filed against me. It would have been dismissed outright.

I called the court on the day I received the summons and was told that he would dismiss it outright were I to appear. He told me that he had to issue the order in order to shut the woman up.

I was told that if I did come to Arizona, I had probable cause to file charges against the woman for uttering a false instrument to the court which is a fancy way of charging  her with perjury.

The vast amount of so called evidence used in the Arizona case was fabricated. The problem with these cases is you have to appear in the court where the issue was ordered. There is no way to fight these things from your home residence as I am certain Mr Carpenter can attest.

These orders are rife with abuse. The problem here is that because of cases like those brought against me and Mr Carpenter, it makes it that more difficult for genuine cases to be taken seriously.

There are already calls in quite a number of states to rework the statutes to make the bringing of these kinds of orders more difficult.

The case filed against Mr Carpenter is just one more case law to be added to the foundation of evidence in support of reforming the laws regarding these restraining orders.

Stay tuned