There has been a slew of racist rants by an African American man who claims to be from Brevard County, Florida.


A number of racist and bigoted comments have been directed towards a certain segment of the white community.








This man has also directed his tirade directly at one woman and is using a photo of her child stolen off of one of her social media accounts in an online extortion attempt to force her to bend to his will and apologize for comments she made.






A large number of the members of the on line community have come to the defense of this woman, flooding her with private messages offering their advise and support.









I am hoping that a solution can be found to get the infants photo taken of that man’s account and that he be made to stop tormenting the poor woman.

This is the kind of thing we do not need to see when debating issues of the day, in this case the trial of George Zimmerman.

All that is going to be accomplished with actions such as his is that racial tensions are going to get worse and someone might wind up being harmed in the process.

Stay tuned