There is a claim by a certain blogger that a private investigator has released the medical information of a woman from the State of Washington. Since I do not have access to the blog in question, I can only go by what is being circulated around the internet.


The only thing I have been able to find so far is a PUBLIC records listing by a clerk of the courts.

This situation reminds me of an incident that occurred last year. It seems there was someone who frequented that SAME blog that claimed that as part of a college course, went to my hometown and was able to get medical records on me.


The blog owner and subsequently the claimant back down saying it was “a joke” and that medical records CANNOT be obtained by outsiders.


There is a bit of a quandary here. The blog stated that my medical records would not be available to the general public and that I was making much ado about nothing.

Then the SAME blog accuses someone of releasing the medical records of a resident of The State of Washington.

The gist of all of this is that the blogger has LIED. It does not matter which incident is true, one way or the other the blogger has lied and it’s own words sealed the deal.