For several years I have been trying to prove that many of the things attributed to me were false. Blog posts were not mine, twitter posts were not mine. Certain on line files attributed to me were counterfeits that were completely made up by individuals with the ability to do so.

Tonight saw the proof of what I have been saying all of these years. A blog was created, a twitter account was created and even a blogtalk radio account was created. Not to defame me, this time, but the Bigbombshell blog.

bbsi This is the impersonator blog that was just set up. If you look up the registration of the blog (FOREIGN) you will note that it is a new domain.

The blog on the website was just set up TODAY.

If you visit the impersonator blogger blog using MY url, you will notice that there is also an illegal use of trademarks.

bring This is the link to the legitimate blog.


To further impersonate the owner of the legitimate owner of this blog, the Bigbombshell was registered at and also appeared in the chat room of this show:


Now why would someone go through all of this trouble to set up such an elaborate hoax and deception? The answer is that the Bigbombshell was getting to the truth behind a lot of cyber abuse and even criminal actions on the internet and those behind those actions were getting nervous.


The sick individual who came into this chat and impersonated the LEGITIMATE blog owner did not realize that I was in direct chat with the owner who was in there as a GUEST and saw this comment. So now ANY comment that appears on Blogtalk radio is by the IMPERSONATOR and not the true owner of the original blog.

It is something of a strange coincidence that this comes on the heals of the troubles of Kyanonymous  and others who are now coming under the magnifying glass of law enforcement.

Is this a diversionary tactic on the part of those supporting Kyanonymous to direct attention away from his misconduct or is it that the Bigbombshell is effectively telling the truth about some of the things that have been going on at various social media sites the past couple of years

It certainly seems that way as yet another social media site falls prey to the impersonators, liars and cyber abusers and criminals.

At the very least, it can now be known that I have been telling the truth about what has been done to me for the past 4 years, and it is likely by the same people.

Stay tuned