Executioner of Radionewz.net made a post regarding a twitter post I put up recently. The image shown below was taken off of the internet illustrates what many would like to see happen to rapists and pedophiles.


Rather than copy the image which is in the public domain and agree with the message IT contains, Executioner used the image in a distorted manner against me.

Does Executioner actually support Rapists and Pedophiles? IT’S message AGAINST this image seems to indicate that.

Thus is the mentality over at Radionewz.net. Rather than pass on the message the image conveyed, Executioner chose to use the image to create more drama for it’s own selfish reasons.

This is why anything Radio may say in support of Jane Doe or Those so called heroes of Anonymous cannot be taken as genuine since Radio and her “staffers” are hijacking these subjects for their own exploitation.

How else would you explain the constant personal attacks of certain individuals who have nothing to do with Jane Doe or the rape case who are, coincidentally, offering dissenting opinions as is the norm in this country?

Why is it that Radio and those staffers feel threatened by dissent and asking for accountability of their actions?

Why is it that Radio and those staffers engage in false narratives and then when confronted to back their narratives, run away and hide in silence, waiting for the attention to their false narratives to die down only to renew their lies again.

One other question arises from the tone of the posts on Radionewz.net. Radio’s blog seems to be fanning the flames between all sides regarding all the various arguments out there. Radio rarely takes a stand that all sides support.

Consider that there may be those within Radionewz who are out “in the field” under sock puppet names stirring up the drama for the lulz of the blog.

One may never know, at least until it is too late.

I am certain that there will be some sarcastic retort that will come out of the Radionewz camp.

What will NOT come out of Radionewz is the truth.

Stay tuned