Actually it is hard to be reincarnated when you were not dead in the first place. I was browsing my twitter log and came across a rather interesting blog article written by someone who has been at odds with Nikol for as long as I can remember.

As it turns out Nikol is alive and well and tweeting up a storm on another twitter account. Through my own resources I have confirmed Nikol is alive and the twitter account is indeed hers.

What I am not understanding is why a certain group has left it to me to write about what has to be the strangest internet hoax I have ever seen.

What this hoax should do is serve as a lesson. I have been stalked and put through the wringer due to instant messages, twitter posts, and so forth that have been attributed to me, all of which were altered or outright fabricated.

For those of you who might not know the story, There has been an ongoing feud going on between Nikol Purvis and a woman I will call Daniele for quite a long time. To say these women do not like each other would be an understatement.

Quite a long time ago I had posted something on Facebook about my situation and Daniele contacted me about her side of the dispute she was having with Nikol.

She sent me links to material she claimed supported her position against Nikol. Within that material was a photograph that concerned me and caused me to contact Nikol. The result was a friendly conversation between Nikol and I about the dispute between her and Daniele. I told both women that I was remaining in contact with the both of them and would remain neutral in regards to their dispute.

This same status exists today. I remain neutral in regards to their dispute in spite of things that had taken place since my first contact with each of them.

Now down to this hoax. A few weeks ago, someone went onto a blog and left a comment that Nikol had committed suicide due to the actions of her stalker.

I was sent a link to the comment and went and read it. I wrote a blog in regards to what had been written there. I was then contacted and told Nikol was not dead and was alive.

There then were posts on twitter by someone claiming to be Nikol saying that she was, in fact, alive. Then came a rather strange debate that had someone claiming to be her uncle, a biker gang member with a violent past, who proceeded to give a tweet by tweet account of her death and subsequent funeral.

As things progressed, I saw two things becoming apparent. The first thing was that this situation was getting out of hand as all involved were adding to the situation rather than trying to resolve it.

The second thing was that the general reaction to what was going on was rather muted as if everyone kind of was in on the hoax and did not want to say anything about it.

I am not sure what the truth is in regards to what happened with Nikol but I do know this. Someone out there is making a joke out of suicide. It is this part of the story that is annoying more than anything.

It is this aspect of making a joke about suicide that should be of concern even more of the fact that the whole thing was an elaborate hoax by unknown parties.

The situation with Nikole and Daniele should wake people up as to the degree of fraud that is going on in the blogs and on social media when it comes to people being accused of certain actions and postings.

Getting to the truth of things being said about people on the internet is getting harder by the day. When you read things about people on the internet, govern yourself accordingly.

Stay tuned