monksBefore people start commenting that Josheph Monk’s movie “The Bunker.” being a horror movie, please take the time to read the entire blog first. This story not so much about the movie as it is about the man who created it.


I feel I know some of what Mr Monks has had to battle for it is close to the same battles that were that of my son had to fight. My son was born with Juvenile diabetes. Throughout his 25 years of life, he had to fight the battles of someone with this illness. In the late summer of 2000 my son lost his battle with diabetes shortly after he had graduated from the University of Central Florida.

Joseph Monks is still winning in his battle with diabetes and in the process, is demonstrating that even a blind man can make a movie. He is doing much more than that, of course, publishing books, comics, cd’s, and so forth.

Joseph Monks is a renaissance man. A man of many talents.

The Bunker is the latest achievement of Mr Monks and I feel this is only the beginning of many contributions that we may expect in the future from this talented man.

Stay tuned