monksThis time around it is not an amateur new media streamer with a 4 reader blog that is butting heads with this self proclaimed recluse from Gig Harbor Washington. Instead,  it is a rather unique and successful multimedia talent who has overcome many obstacles in his life, blindness and diabetes being among them.

He has even managed to overcome the mindless lies and ruthless attacks of the formidable Michelle Lynn McKee.

This comment, recently posted on explains part of the problem he has had with the infamous Michelle Lynn McKee:

  1. Michelle used to be tight with the guy who’s been trying to claim the film is his, despite having no copyright, and the fact that I wrote, directed and produced it. She’s alternately claimed that the film is about the rape of an underage girl (false), that it focuses on the rape of a HS cheerleader (false), and that when she “crawled up my ass” (her words) regarding the film and her accusations of criminal behavior on my part, she was suffering from some sort of undiagnosed mental illness. Didn’t stop her from repeating the rape lie a couple weeks back when she opened her yap on her Twitter page about me and drew attention to the past. Film’s out now, so people will finally be able to see for themselves that everything she’s said about it is total BS.

    Mr. Monks has turned out to be a formidable foe. It turns out that the many lies that Michelle Lynn McKee is alleged to have told about him and his film had little if any effect. He was able to go forward with his project and he is about to reap the fruits of his labor.

    I wish him great success.

    Stay tuned