Recent events on the internet have shown the continuing decay of morality and the attitude that everything can be the butt of a joke or hoax.

Two examples of late are of great concern to me. The first is the suicide hoax I just wrote about and the other is the bullying of a 13 year old girl with stage three cancer.


It is the latter I want to deal with first as this is the worst of the two examples.

I do not pretend why someone would want to post something like this on the Facebook account about this young girl and I really do not want to.

It is just a shame that someone like this is out there.

Now on to the fake suicide. What I am surprised at here is the lack of commentary about this incident. There has been little if anything said about this life and death claim and some of the actions surrounding the claims.

Fake suicides are not new and false claims about people being dead are not either. This latest twist to fake suicides has the danger of having someone actually contemplating suicide being ignored or worse yet, being bullied with taunts to go through with it.

Both of these issues need to be spoken about more often and dealt with before lives are lost that could have otherwise been saved.

Stay tuned