I was quite surprised to have learned that Levi Page will no longer be doing his years long internet broadcasts covering various high profile crimes for his faithful audience.

levi announcement

As many of you know, Levi and I have been at odds over the years over different issues. That is the nature of things on the internet. Despite our differences I have always respected Levi and have admired the way he has helped transform and grow the new media coverage of true crimes.

Levi has managed to have on quite a number of high profile and interesting guests over the years. His show provided a unique outlet of information on a more intimate level that an audience would experience and not so much from one of the more well known true crime commentators on the main stream media such as Jane Velez Mitchell or Nancy Grace.

Levi has indicated in his announcement that he is not going away. He is on pause until he finds another way to broadcast his show. Perhaps he will be on CNN HLN or elsewhere.

Levi will still reach out to his loyal audience with his coverage and insights of the events surrounding the high profile cases that are of interest to all of us.

I am certain that Levi will be back soon, stronger than ever, ready to provide his audience with his unique insight and another round of interesting guests.

I send my best wishes and good luck to Levi Page

Come back soon.

Stay tuned