Back in 2008 at the height of my coverage of the Caylee Anthony searches, one of the primary attacks against me by Michelle Lynn McKee and Alexandra Goddard was my alleged use of the incident to raise vast amounts of monies by seeking donations.

I have spent years fighting these accusations and trying to put the issue of the donations into contaxt. Rather then re explore the arguments about MY alleged seeking and receiving vast amounts of money through donation drives, I feel it is encumbant to take a look at the current situation with it comes to donation solicitation.

Some 5 years later we have an interesting set of circumstances and with them comes a complete reversal of opinions on the matter of those who seek donations and actually engage in efforts to obtain them.

Of course I am speaking of Kyanonymous and his efforts to raise money in order to keep his ass out of jail. There is also the case of Alexandra H Goddard who also sought and others sought on her behalf, monitary funds to defend herself against the plainfiff in a civil lawsuit against her because she allowed people to post on her forum or blog that he was the mastermind of the high profile Big Red Rape case in Steubenville, Ohio.

More recently, Anonymous member Kyanonymous announced that he had been served a search warrant by the FBI in relation to his activities during the progression of the Big Red Rape case. He claimed that it was likely that he would face criminal charges as a result of that investigation.

It was at this same time that he also announced that, with the help of a legal firm, that he was starting a defense fund to help pay the anticipated costs as the case against him wound against him through the federal court system.

One must understand that as of this writing the FBI has not completed any investigation. There has been no persons of interest named nor has any law enforcement agency stated if there is even going to be any indictments as a result of the seizure of Kyanonymous’s computers, video games and consoles and various types of storage media.

Along with this one must also remember that Kyanonymous is being accused of being a whistleblower, not against any coverup that is alleged to have taken place during the investigation or lack thereof, of the Big Red Rape case, but, instead is a wistleblower AGAINST other members of Anonymous.

In the midst of all of this is one Michelle Lynn McKee who seems to be highly active in assisting in the donation drive spearheaded by Kyanonymous and the legal firm who has set up sort of a Whistleblower defense fund to assist other Anonymous members who find themselves in the same situation Kyanonymous is.

What is pecular about this is that here is Michelle Lynn McKee, who before getting involved with Anonymous was VERY law enforcement oriented with high placed federal connections and working in the field of investigating organized crime, essentally jumping ship and going over to the other side.

There have been a number of posts by Ms McKee where she defends the actions of Anonymous against the very agencies that she claims to have had these highly placed connections.

Simultaineously, Ms. Mckee AND Ms Goddard have abandoned the  objections they have had to people using high profile cases for monitary gain as well as giving up on their motto of “fighting the underbelly of crime.”

I have heard of women changing their minds, but this one takes the cake.

Stay tuned