There are two numbers a lot of people do not like to see come in the mail. One is a draft card with your number on it, another is a notice to report for jury duty with your number on it.


When I walked into the lobby of the Orange County Florida Courthouse and handed my report notice and parking ticket, I was given a credit card sized of a piece of paper in one of those plastic Id card holders with a clip on it.

At that point I officially became juror number 136.

Starting tonight, I will be writing several installments of how one slip of paper that came in the mail resulted in profound changes in the lives of those who were total strangers prior to 9:00 am Monday, June, 10th.

I feel that at the least this is an insight into one of the many “lower profile” trials that take place in the mammouth 27 story Orange County Courthouse in downtown Orlando, Florida.

Unlike the trial of Florida v Zimmerman that also began on that same June, Monday, there were no news vans. No Nancy Grace, No Marinade Dave, No Orlando Sentinel, nobody.

All these folks and many more were 20 miles north of here covering yet another high profile trial being broadcast throughout the United States and parts of the world as well.

My first installment of this series of blog articles will explain why I am inviting those who are both friends or foes of mine to visit this blog and follow my journey as a member of a jury to the end of the trial at around 7:15PM this evening.

This is a story that transcends any one individual. It is a story of life, it is a story of our times. I hope to make it worth your while to read.

Stay tuned