Radio of Radionewz.net has made a post accusing Mlee of doxing one Altha Sood. The doxing , or the thorough posting of information of an individual is alleged to have included contact information such as telephone numbers and so forth.

Radio compounded the matter by posting the link to the pastebin file containing this information, thus exposing Ms Sood’s personal information to the thousands of readers at Radionewz.net that includes Anonymous who commonly use this method to target individuals.

Mlee has notified me of this posting by Radio and states that the Pastebin file is a fraud. Mlee has denied posting any telephone number or address regarding Ms Sood.

Radionewz.net has demonstrated many times over that it is willing to post false information and when confronted, will simply walk away from any accountability.

Because of this consistent behavior of Radionewz.net to avoid coming up with evidence to back up whatever accusation it allows to be posted on its blog, it is best to disregard as fact, any statement made there.

Stay tuned