Anyone who has been following my Twitter account may have noticed the conversation I have been having with someone who claims to be the uncle of Nikol Purvis. Recently, comments began to appear on Radionewz indicating that Nikol Purvis had committed suicide, mainly due to accusations of stalking made against her.

The uncle posted several images on his twitter site of a complaint lodged against a twitter account where the person claimed to be Nikol Purvis and stated that she was still alive.complaint1 complaint2 complaint3 complaint4 complaint5


I have been informed by the uncle that a burial card will be sent to me at the appropriate time.

To say I am stunned at what has transpired in regards to Ms Purvis would be an understatement. This is a sad situation and one that should never been allowed to have occurred.

Time will tell what the outcome of this will be. I have been made to understand that the estate is weighing it’s legal options.

Stay tuned