I normally would have found this accusation hard to believe if I had not had some recent experiences with so called highly respected lawyers and the way they conduct themselves.





By Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican
Posted: 3/29/2012, 10:00 PM Mountain time

“A Tennessee woman who says she was raped is seeking civil damages from an Oklahoma man who has pleaded not guilty to a charge of criminal sexual penetration in connection with the same incident three years ago in Santa Fe. ”

The article goes on to state:

” The lawyer says Deere and Damron had had consensual sex several times over a two-year period, that they were part of what he called the “Hyde Park party scene” and that Damron is “economically motivated.”

Again this sounds a lot like the Steubenville case.

As for the atty who was representing the defendant:

“Angela Damron of Crossville, Tenn., accuses Jody Hugh Deere of Ardmore, Okla., of having sex with her after she lost consciousness, possibly because she was drugged. “

Sound strikingly familiar?

Further down in the article is this:

“Deere’s lawyer in the criminal cases, Jason Flores-Williams, said his client was served with the civil lawsuit at his arraignment on the criminal charge.”

In this subsequent article there was this:


At the criminal trial last September, defense attorney Jason Flores-Williams argued that Damron was part of the “Hyde Park party scene” and that she and Deere had consensual sex several times the two previous years. A toxicology analysis of Damron’s blood after the alleged rape showed no trace of a date-rape drug, but did test positive for alcohol, cocaine and antidepressants.

A mistrial was declared after the jury deadlocked; seven jurors voted for guilty and three for acquittal, while two were undecided.

The District Attorney’s Office is seeking to retry Deere on the rape charges. However, a new criminal trial scheduled for this summer before state District Judge Mary Marlowe appears to have been postponed.”

“On April 25, Judge Singleton issued an order imposing sanctions on Deere. His counterclaim was dismissed with prejudice, meaning he cannot file it again.

“In this case, [Singleton] has found that he raped [Damron],” Donatelli said this week. “Now it’s just a matter of how much does he owe her for raping her.” He said his next step is to seek a hearing on the damages.”


Current Address: 1402 NE Refinery Road, Ardmore, Oklahoma 73401
Current City: Ardmore, Oklahoma
Gender: Male
Age/Date of Birth: 10/22/1970
Risk Level: 3

Do not get me wrong, I support a defendant’s right to council and the concept of pro bono representation. What is surprising about this situation is that the atty that has provided his services to an Anonymous member that is supposed to have come to the aid of Rape Survivors, also represented an accused RAPIST.

One would think that if Kyanonymous was going to allow an atty to represent him, that he might want to check into the kind of cases the atty was handling before accepting his assistance.

If this case goes the distance, the fact that Kyanonymous is being represented by a lawyer that defends rapists might not sit well with the media and, perhaps, the public.

Stay tuned