Of the many strange things surrounding the claim that Nikol Purvis passed away due to suicide is the fact that there are conflicting twitter accounts. One of these twitter accounts states that she is still alive.



There is also a third account. The holder of that twitter account claims to be an uncle of Nicol.


I have been in an ongoing twitter conversation with her uncle, trying to get to the bottom of what is going on.



What is sad about all of this is the silence from those who she considered friends. There has been no outrage from Radio and others that Nikol befriended over what some would consider a hoax.

If anything this situation is being ignored by quite a few people.

If anything comes out of this it will be that it is easy to impersonate someone and create completely false information both about someone and content purported to be BY someone.nikolhoax

I have been trying to prove this for years. It is unfortunate that it took something like this to prove my point.

Stay tuned