The events of the past several hours have certainly been interesting. The center point of all of these events have been a series of comments that appeared on

The comments had to do with someone committing suicide. What bothered me more about this revelation, more than the fact that the person was someone I knew and had communicated with in the past, was the fact that this person was, or is, the mother of two children.

It is here that things get a bit murky. A few hours ago, as I posted in the previous article, the woman posted that she was still alive and not deceased.

The woman accused the person she has named as her stalker as being behind the elaborate hoax.

Next, enter someone who claims to be a close relative of the woman to insist that she is deceased as first reported and that someone has created an impersonator account in a cruel effort to make people believe the woman is still alive.

I have had an ongoing conversation with this relative over the past few hours. The person did provide what under normal circumstances would be considered proof that the woman is indeed deceased.

Unfortunately, the truth is not so easily proven. The reason? The number of elaborate hoaxes that have been played out on the internet for years.

What usually happens is that sooner or later these hoaxes get exposed.

It will certainly be the case here. Sooner or later the truth will come out. Whoever is creating whatever hoax is being played out will be found out. That person will be held accountable as well as they should be.

What has been proven tonight is that the truth is in the mind of those who perceive it. One will believe or not believe depending on whatever evidence one chooses to take or not take into account.

The finding of the truth on the internet is no longer an easy task.

Stay tuned