amerisecFor the last few weeks there seems to have been a discussion of sorts of a part of Anonymous known as Amerisec. Yesterday there was an online radio show where there was an attempt to understand who this group is and what are they all about.–amerisec

The central theme of Amerisec seems to be protest and dissent within the system. In other words their mantra is to work within the law rather than break it.

Amerisec also is against doxing which is something I also am against.

As one example of what Amerisec does is their #OpJuly4th.

opjuly4OPJuly4th    AmeriSec!

I support this op. I think it is time that people understand how this country was founded and the principle the country was built upon. This is one of the rare times that an Anonymous collective is doing something in a positive and proper way.

It will be interesting to follow the actions of Amerisec to see what direction they head in and what they do to get there.

Stay tuned