It now seems clear why Michelle has certain problems with me and other bloggers on the internet. For years, McKee has implied that I had something to do with the disappearance of Trenton Duckett. As far back as 2006.



As if by magic in 2008 some Personal Messages appeared and who was there to make an issue of them? Michelle, of course. As it turns out someone came out recently and confessed that the PM’s were a fraud that he helped create.

If it is true that McKee was molested as a child, then it is likely the PTSD that she suffered from this incident that causes her to accuse others of being pedophiles and stalkers.

So we fast forward to June 2013 and Michelle pulls the “defending a pedophile card against a blogger who happened to post some screen shots that Michelle has made on twitter.

In reading the blog, I did come across what is likely the screen shot Michelle is complaining about.


The problem with that screen shot is that McKee has never explained who the person is that was contacted and what that person had to do with her. McKee must assume that everyone reads her twitter log and that these people are going to take the time to find out who it is that she is talking about. In fact, nobody can be certain if the claim McKee is making is even true since she has told so many lies over the years it is hard to keep track of them all.

McKee has bugged law enforcement so often over the years that they have told Michelle, in her own words to “fuck off:”


It looks like that once again, Michelle Lynn McKee is defaming yet another blogger in order to gain more people to join her in her self pity as she accuses one person after another of “bullying” her when the truth is that it is actually Michelle Lynn McKee doing the bullying and defaming of the others.

Stay tuned