anonintEvery once in a while you will see a posting somewhere on the internet about someone who is not a “real anonymous” but is, rather, someone who is a fake or pretend anonymous.


Remember the Anonymous slogan? We are legion, which means many, is part of it.

Also, part of the Anonymous dictate is that one person can be Anonymous. There is not supposed to be a command structure. No headquarters or branch office.

The movement is designed not to be traceable, much the same way most terrorist organizations operate.

This then makes one wonder why there is this debate about who is and is not a real anonymous.

The answer points out the weak point of the anonymous movement.

Human nature.

Humans, like it or not, are pack animals. When groups form, there is this need for a leader of some kind. There is also a need for a delegation of duties.

It is group dynamics, it is the leadership principle.

While some goals may be achieved by an individual, duo or trio, in most cases, a major undertaking must involve groups of four or more individuals. This almost always means that someone in the group is in charge. This defeats the entire concept of anonymous.

This also causes the disputes. Usually when there is an Anonymous op, there is an agreement of some sort who is or is not part of that group. If someone outside the group tries to take part and is not welcome by  the group, the group insiders will usually label that person as a “fake anonymous.”

The concept of Anonymous ops also defeats the concept of Anonymous as a whole. Organized groups become known and detectable eventually.

So, in the end, the correct answer is that there really is no such thing as anonymous but instead, there exists a multitude of groups of individuals with anonymous usernames along with a group of outsiders who want to be part of the action.

Stay tuned