According to Holly Briley, @Radionewzblog is a stalker. How is this so? Well, all one has to do is go to Holly Briley’s twitter log and read for yourself.






It seems that Holly had put up a profile that had within it an icon that resembled the Verified Account icon Twitter uses. Someone noticed this and posted an excerpt of the Twitter terms of service that states this is prohibited and could cause the offending account holder to be suspended.

A few hours prior to this writing Holly posted on twitter that the icon on her profile was a “trap” meant to ensnare a stalker.












Oh really? Holly Briley’s account is PUBLIC. It is NOT a protected account. Moreover, I do not know if the person who obtained the information is blocked or not.

Now, what does this have to do with @Radionewzblog?

The answer is that Radio does the exact same thing. Radio constantly surfs Twitter looking for tid bits to post on it’s cyber abuse blog. This includes accounts where Radio is BLOCKED from.













Thus, by claiming that people are reading her twitter posts and then commenting about them, and that this practice constitutes stalking, Holly Briley is supporting the accusation by many that:

@Radionewzblog is a stalker.

Stay tuned