I got yet another dm from someone asking me why I blot out the follow icon on twitter posts that are from people I do not follow. My answer is for aesthetics. It also gives me a blank place to put comments on the screen shot if I feel the need to use that area to do so.

One comment on a blog claimed I was blotting out the word in order to hide where I got the screen shot from.

It would seem that person does not know how twitter works.

There are two ways to display a twitter post:


The first example is from the twitter log and the second example is from the LINK to the specific post. If you are not logged into twitter, you will get the follow icon in the top right hand corner.

Also, another reason I will view a twitter account without logging on to twitter is for security. There are occasions where I log onto twitter using a computer that is not mine, either at a library or at a store like Best Buy. It is not a good idea to log onto your social media accounts on those computers since, if you forget to log off, people might have access to your accounts. I found that one out one day at a Best Buy when I saw that someone had left their account to facebook open.

Anyone else who decides to log in to their internet accounts on a computer other than their own are advised to take that into consideration.

Stay tuned