It seems that a well known cyber abuse blog wants a certain blog having to do with the Big Red Rape case deleted. Why?


That is a good question. When I read of the request by Radio to have the blog removed I went and found this link:


After reading the blog, I was left wondering again why Radio wants the blog taken down since it mirrors the viewpoint of its blog as well as those who have been attacking the citizens of Steubenville since this case first appeared on the internet.

I began to think that perhaps there was a second blog out there with the same name that might be opposing this blog but that does not seem to be the case.


Now why would this particular blog seem to feel it had the right to have the local leaks blog deleted? Well, it seems one of the better known Anonymous members did a Dox of a woman posting her personal information along with the log in information for a local hospital.

Someone sent a complaint to Pastebin to have the offending dox file to be deleted. Subsequently the files went POOF!!

There is a bit of a debate as to why the files went bye bye, but away they went.

So now we have a blog that in one sense supported what Local Leaks was claiming, demanding it be taken down. It should be interesting to see what happens since this is now a direct attack against elements of Anonymous who created the thing in the first place.

Stay tuned