The one thing that I have always wondered about is why someone who claims to be a highly educated engineer operates a blog where a majority of the content is the kindergarten name calling of individuals it has an agenda against, me included.








Radio not only does this sort of thing in its blog but on its twitter account as well. For some strange reason, Radio felt it necessary to “warn” the California atty that certain “wackos” might be contacting them.

It would appear to me that Radio fears something in order to take this sort of “preventative measure” which is to try and plant a biased impression in the mind of the aforementioned atty.

Radio does go with the excuse that its blog is satire, which, I suppose, is an excuse to lie about everything and then say it is “just kidding.”

Nonetheless, it does bring up an interesting point. Why is the name calling and “satire” limited to those Radio has an issue with.

Where is the “satire” directed at Radio’s so called friends? In the beginning of the great format change, there was a bit of lighthearted kidding around of those who are fans of Radio, but that soon disappeared.

The current satire on Radio’s blog is what many outsiders consider mean spirited and a prime example of cyber bullying and abuse.

The reason Radio does this, of course, is for the number of hits it gets. Radio is constantly bragging about how big it’s numbers are.

Radio, it seems, cares only about quantity and not quality.

If Radio has to stoop to the lowest common denominator to obtain readership, then that is what it does.

It is the lazy way and it is the Radio way.

Stay tuned