jconControversial  baseball player Jose Canseco has been accused of putting the home and work telephone numbers of a woman accusing him of rape on Twitter.


What is interesting about all of this is that the same people who engage in the practice of doxing came out in a rage because this happened.

Do not get me wrong, I strongly object to what Mr Conseco has been accused of doing. Under no circumstances should the woman’s information have been placed on twitter.

The problem here is that it seems that ONLY alleged rape victims are entitled to this protection. The very same people who are objecting to what happened to this rape accuser have engaged in the exact same practice.

anonintThe telephone numbers of policemen, accused rapists and their other targets, me included, have had ALL of their personal information put on the internet by these same people.

NOBODY should be targeted in the manner done by Mr Conseco. This needs to stop. There needs to be laws against this sort of thing and if there are any laws in place, they need to be enforced.

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