An interesting comment appeared on Radionewz regarding Alexandra H Goddard’s butting into the life of a young student trying to get along with his life and join the military:



“Can I ass u a question?

I find it hilarious that Prinnie jumps in to correct this information but failed to pick up a phone and confirm anything with the Steubenville case and let her followers believe such horrible lies.

Why didn’t she bother to do the same with the rape case to begin with? It would have saved a whole lot of people from being terrorized in the first place and from letting people a mob of people to form.


Seems like a highly orchestrated event to try to give Prinnie some form of credibility since it has been tarnished by her antics regarding Steubenville.

Maybe a book deal or Lifetime movie is about to be announced so she orchestrated this to look like she is respectable now?

Or is it because the GJ is about to reconvene on the 23rd and some form of credibility needs restored for media rounds?

If you can come out of hiding to prove that your own friends are liars and manipulators please have the common decency to answer the many questions that others have regarding your participation and manipulation of your followers for your own personal gain. You at least owe it to those who believed you and were led to believe MANY wrong things.”

It seems the local newspaper had gotten the story wrong when it reported that the individual was going to be sponsored by the senator to the Air Force Academy when the TRUTH was that he was seeking to JOIN the Air Force.

Just another example of how Goddard manages to screw things up by meddling where she does not belong.

Stay tuned