This is a hard article for me to write because in doing so I am criticizing a friend. To my friend, I hope you can understand why I am doing so.

In the ongoing blog wars there have been some actions by BOTH SIDES that outsiders have considered inappropriate. Anger and the urge for payback have been at the forefront of some of these actions.

One action that caught my attention recently has been the mocking of a medical condition that Holly has posted about herself.

At the time I saw the postings of others making fun of her condition, I paid little attention to it as similar posts have been made by all sides in the ongoing disputes.

In retrospect, however, I see that it was not a good thing to be posting about.

Holly and I have an ongoing dispute between us. We are not what I consider friends.

However, that is no excuse for what has happened. I do wish Holly good luck in getting rid of the tumor and that she gets better.

I will be praying for Holly’s speedy recovery.

Stay tuned