coexistOne of the sad legacies  of this country and the world is the continued prevailing racism and intolerance that exists among some today.

There is a hatred among one another in regards to race and certain life choices that some make. There are many areas I could go into in this regard but in this instance I am going to concentrate on interracial dating.

It should not matter to anyone if someone decides to have an intimate relationship of someone of a different race then theirs. Whatever makes them happy  should be all that matters.

I was made aware of the remark by Michelle L McKee and when I saw it, it bothered me tremendously. I consider myself a social progressive. I am tolerant of many lifestyles.


I have a network of friends and associates of different races, religions and lifestyles. I have no qualms or concerns about any of them nor how they live their lives. I would certainly hope that those I communicate with on twitter and elsewhere share my thoughts in this regard.

Alexandra Goddard and I are adversaries. We do not like each other. I have serious issues with her. I do NOT hate her. That is an emotion I reserve for the likes of Jodi Aries.

That said, In keeping with my beliefs, I can find no fault with her new companion. I wish the both of them well as their relationship grows.

I would hope that all of those who have issues with Ms Goddard would share this sentiment.

There is no room for hate and bigotry in discourse. It only muddies the waters.

Stay tuned