reassesI was asked recently about what I thought about certain “activities” going on on twitter and some blogs. My response?

Not interested. I don’t care anymore. I have other fish to fry. I started this blog with a specific purpose. I have decided it is time to reassess what the future of this blog will be.

I was reminded recently that an important anniversary is coming up in September. It will have been 30 years since a group of friends and I started a project. It came out of something that had been started in the mid sixties.

I was also reminded why that project was started. Because of that I have decided to return to the purpose of that project.

What does that mean for this blog and my other websites? That is uncertain at this point. What IS certain is that I have come to realize that some things cannot be changed. I must learn to work with that barrier and act accordingly.

To those who have stuck with this blog and my reasons for it, I give you my thanks



Stay tuned