A few years ago for some strange reason Alexandra H Goddard recorded every second of my Paltalk and Ustream webcasts. She has hours upon hours of recordings stashed away on her hard drives.

This particular screen shot she took off of my stream is actually proof of the investigation that I have stated was underway by law enforcement regarding the activities of Anonymous and those who attached themselves to anonymous.

My house is locked so the only way for the deputy to get into the house, which also has a security system is for me to INVITE HIM IN. Goddard and others have implied that he came in without my knowledge. That of course is a lie.

Note the highlighted areas on the screen. It clearly shows that I am streaming and that I am aware that the webcast is live. Also, if you look real close you will notice the reflection of the screen of my monitor in my glasses. This proves that I am fully aware of the deputy being behind me because I invited him into the house.

Law enforcement cannot just walk into a house. They either have to have a search warrant or PERMISSION to enter the premises. He was in the media room AT MY REQUEST.

What is curious is that Goddard has NEVER played the full recording made of the visit by the deputy. She only allowed the distribution of this screen shot. Why? Because she does not want the TRUTH of why the deputy was there.

The FACT of the matter is that there were death threats against me made by someone who called himself KFCFAN along with his partner RENZOLOVESCAKE. These threats were made by instant message. I called the Lake County Sheriffs department who responded. When Alexandra H Goddard did the recording of this stream, she got BOTH the video AND audio as this was a LIVE stream.

I would suggest you ask EVERYONE who has this photo, including Holly, to explain why the FULL recording of this chat session was never released. I cannot release it because I did not record it. I rarely recorded my streams. In hindsight I should have in order to counter the lies that Holly and others perpetuate by stealing my content and using it for their propaganda.

Stay tuned