I heard that Holly went into coward mode and banned me from her blog, yawn.

Next, we have this faux anti bully site making a fool of itself. For some strange reason it wants to continue to insist that Brianne made the comments on RNB when Brianne keeps saying she did not.



Radio thinks it scored with the remark that the ip was purchased in one province to use in another. There is a slight problem with that scenario.

First of all, at the very least Brianne is RETRACTING whatever was said on RNB about me no matter who made the remarks. This brings me to a post I just read in my blog. It seems someone decided to contact Rogers about the ip proxy and found that even if someone lived in BC they could NOT buy a ip proxy to use.




So now we wait to see what the next round in this little fiasco is going to be.

The next question that should be asked is this : If Brianne did make the remarks at RNB, which I could NOT read at the time because I was BANNED, why did she go through all of the trouble of sending me an e-mail saying that she did NOT make the remarks?

AGAIN, Brianne could have kept her trap shut and would have remained the hero of RNB. By disavowing the remarks made on RNB she has made matters worse for herself.

Stay tuned