rogerswirelessCoincidences sometimes brings out unexpected information. It turns out that a car dealer friend of mine that frequents the Ocoee auction happens to be from Canada and has a Rogers wireless account. He wrote me and told me that Rogers does have a plan for travel within the United States.

rogersroamingHe also told me that one can buy a Canadian plan and be a resident of the United states. This is because Rogers does have a “travel plan” and if one wants a Canadian number all one has to do is get one by mail order or, if in Canada, go to one of the many authorized dealers and buy one.


It is common for people who travel to have a phone domestic to the country they are visiting in order to avoid massive international roaming charges.

It does not mean that someone went out and purchased the thing in order to forge the comments on RNB as there are far easier ways to do it, but it does show such a thing is possible.

Stay tuned