brileycnnThe only reason I am writing about this is that I cannot understand the motivation for Holly even doing such a thing as what has been accused of her by Brianne.

According to this article, Brianne is accusing Holly of creating false comments using the name Brianne to give the impression that Brianne has had enough of me and expressed her feelings on Radio’s blog.









I am not certain what Holly hoped to accomplish other than to perhaps erode support of me from others who may read that blog. Since I am banned and then unbanned only to be banned yet again from it is hard to know what is going on over there.

What is clear in the article Brianne wrote is that Holly Briley is being accused of being a liar, and an impersonator yet again by Brianne.

What is becoming more abundantly clear is that is nothing more than a den of liars. These liars seem intent on trying to out do each other. This latest alleged stunt by Holly Briley is yet another example of the kinds of things that Radio allows to happen on its blog.

In closing I have to say this. I do not demand people support me. I do not ask people to support me. I do not punish or demean those who decide not to support me or believe what I have to say.

I am me. Take it or leave it.

Stay tuned