rogersbrileycnnIt has been brought to my attention that Holly Briley is publicly posting on twitter that she has gone to the extent of engaging in an on line chat with Rogers Cable where it seems her ip address would be listed.

What is curious about all of this is that Brianne is a Canadian and thus it would be her provider that would show up as the ip address on the comment.

Earlier this year, a post appeared on the same blog where the comments appeared that claimed that the FBI and Homeland security were using that blog to jump through to this one.


A friend of mine who also has a Domain and has a WordPress blog on it sent me instructions as to how to alter the ip information that an administrator has access to. My friend told me that it is just as easy to alter comment information to show whatever content the administrator wanted.

Holly claims not to have admin access to the blog. Others do have admin access to the blog and that includes the owner and operator of the blog, Radio.

Radio has posted many times its interest in hi tech communications such as ham radio and also a former affiliation with ATT and some kind of consultant. This would indicate the knowledge base to tamper with any content that Radio wishes.

Stay tuned