bcOne of the darndest debates going on at both twitter and a certain blog has to do with comments purported made there about me by Brianne Chantal.

When the comments appeared on the blog, which I have NO access to, by the way, Brianne sent me an e-mail stating that she did not make them.

Throughout the rest of the day there was a back and forth between people all over the blogosphere over the comments and if they were genuine or not. It seems that Holly Briley was so concerned about the denials she claimed to have contacted Rogers Cable regarding the ip address that appeared on the blog.



you ask? Yes, Holly actually claimed to have contacted an internet provider of someone who was alleged to have commented on a blog.


I am not certain what the laws are in Canada about this sort of thing but in the United States, ANY company giving out personal information about one of their customers not only would be subject to being on the receiving end of a lawsuit, but federal regulators might have a word or two to say to them as well.

What is clear here is how pathetic this whole thing is. Two comments appear on a blog that is clearly against me. The alleged comments are against me by someone the blog administrators have had problems with in the past.

So, why did the blog administrators go all out to try and prove the person ACTUALLY DID make those comments? What is to gain here? Is the stance that person takes in regards to me that valuable that extreme measures were taken to “prove” that Brianne had actually made those comments?

What this looks like to me is that for some reason they value who Brianne supports and who Brianne does NOT support.

It is also clear that Holly and the others on that blog are concerned  about ANYONE who would support me and whatever I might have to say.

It seems to me, then that people might want to pay MORE attention to what Brianne has to say both on twitter and her blog. I know I will.

Stay tuned