ontheairRadio is stepping up it’s hate filled defense against the accusation it may have had something to do with the abduction of Haleigh Cummings by the usual insult filled posts about me on its blog.

Not in those exact words, but the message is clear. Radio said that it does not care what Goddard and McKee has done to me in the past. Since what Goddard and McKee has done to me includes using missing and deceased children as pawns in their slander and libel of me, that means that Radio has restricted her objection to “in its words” using missing and deceased children as pawns ONLY to Radio.

Once again, Radio wants the rules of society to apply to everyone else except itself. Once again Radio wants to be exempt from being accountable for its actions.

On another subject, Radio states that its identity is none of my business. That may well be the case but because Radio refuses to tell the truth about who it is, then why should anyone believe Radio or trust its word?

This person or persons wants people to take their word without knowing who it is. Also, this same person plays guessing games trying to figure out who OTHER people are, getting their guesses wrong in the process.

Why is it that Radio protects its identity while at the same time trying to reveal the identities of others?

As far as Tim Holmseth is concerned, if his reputation is as Radio states, then why has all this fuss been made about his theories?

For someone people say should be disregarded, an awful lot has been paid to what Tim Holmseth has been saying lately.