The college kind web host has decided to jump on “Lets protect Radio from being held accountable” bandwagon by writing in his blog that I am a troll using Haleigh Cummings as some kind of pawn.

Well, sorry to bust that kids bubble but that is not what is going on here. What IS going on here is that a little girl is missing. There are no leads. The case has come to a grinding halt.

Even Levi walked away from the case. So why is Radio still obsessed with the case to the extent that she attacks the few people who talk about it? Why does Radio bash these people on an almost daily basis?

Why does Radio go to extreme lengths to protect its identity that would rival big corporations such as CNN? According to a well known Florida atty neither Levi or her met Radio. According to this atty, Radio bailed at the last minute on a meeting IN ATLANTA AT CNN because of “allergies.”

If Levi does not like me or what I say, he should hit the IGNORE button on his little pc and enjoy his fifteen minutes of fame.

In spite of all of the pissing and moaning going on with the blog disputes, if law enforcement chooses to do nothing and not question the unidentifiable Radio, there is nothing anyone can do about it.

What IS surprising is that Radio does not volunteer to go to the nearest FBI office to wherever it lives and answer any question the FBI may pose.

Finding out what happened to Haleigh is more important than anyone’s secret identity, ego or on line reputation.

Stay tuned