atlanta to samsulaOne blogger dismissed outright the hypothetical that someone did not kidnap Haleigh Cummings because the suspect lived in Atlanta.

Oh really?

There was an interesting case that happened right here in Orlando. Not a kidnapping but an interesting example of a woman who wanted to commit a crime and drove half way across the country in an attempt to do physical harm to the new lover of her former boyfriend.

I speak, of course, of the female astronaut who drove nonstop to the Orlando International Airport and confronted the new girlfriend of her former Astronaut boyfriend.

Proof positive that woman do some strange things given the right motivation.

Now, getting back to Atlanta. First of all it is not that far to drive from Atlanta to Jacksonville and back. 

Examine what is known about the case. A person dressed all in black goes into a house in the dead of night and takes Haleigh.

The house is located deep within the trailer park and is hard to find unless you have a lot of information as to how to find it. The house is remote enough so that someone could enter and leave without much notice.

The house is also located not far from a major river and thus the kidnapper could use a boat in the process of the abduction.

cummingshouseTo this date, PCSO has not stated that there was any forensic evidence found at the crime scene. No finger prints, no dna, no fabric from the abducter’s clothing, no footprints, vehicle tire tracks, ZERO.

It just might be that the abductor was hired to do the job and has had experience at this sort of thing.

A long shot theory, yes, but one worth considering.

Remember Jessica Lundsford? She was taken by a man next door from her house.

Stay tuned