ontheairOne thing that Radio refuses to address is the postings by one of its sock puppets was how the so called information on what I was purported to own in a couple of posts on it’s blog.

It is likely the reason for it’s continued refusal to answer my repeated requests as to how this information was obtained is that it violated the law.


“The Driver Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) keeps your personal information private by limiting who has access to the information. The department automatically blocks personal information on your motor vehicle and driver license records.”

Once Radio realized it screwed up and violated the law, it immediately side tracked this error by diverting attention away from it.

Now that certain other questionable actions by Radio are being addressed, it is once again side tracking attention from those questions by posting red herring articles.

Sooner or later, Radio is going to have to address its rather odd actions once and for all.

Stay tuned