oltWell now, someone in the comment section of the slander and defamation blog is grasping at straws and implying I “pilfered” a lap top computer. I find this one curious as the events surrounding this lap top is not that widely well known.

Since the idiot known only as “B” decided to bring this incident up, Unlike Radio who runs away from this sort of thing, I will address it.

Quite a long time ago there was a rather interesting woman who used to post on Topix and a number of other true crime forums. She then migrated over to Usleuths.com

This woman lived over in the westernmost part of what is known as  Central Florida. One day she announced that she was selling her lap top. At that time the woman had no income. She was living out of a small car with her dog. In order to go on line, she would park, late at night near a local library in order to piggyback off of their wi fi. This was back when free wi fi was not available.

Since I considered this woman a friend, I offered to BUY the lap top. I really did not need one but decided I would buy it and find a use for it.

I agreed to the price she was asking for the lap top, sight unseen, and drove almost 2 hours from my house over to Brooksville, Florida where I met her in a parking lot. After a brief test to be certain the lap top was functioning, I PAID her for the lap top and returned home.

Prior to leaving, I had asked her for the accessory to the lap top, a flash card reader, that was to be included in the transaction, and she said she had forgotten it and would be glad to meet me at a later date to get it.

We met a week or two later and she gave me the flash card reader. At That time was there NO conversation about obtaining anything on the hard drive of the lap top nor was their any request by her to get the lap top back.

What did happen was that after that second meeting is a bit hazy. I do not have a photographic memory, so giving an accurate detailed account of what happened in those many years back is not that easy. There did, however, come a time when I decided to start to use the lap top that I had put away and not used since I had purchased it.

It was at that time I discovered something rather interesting. The owner of the lap top had on it, the names, addresses and phone numbers along with a lot of other personal information about a lot of people on the internet that she had interacted with. She also had information on all principals in TWO major missing child cases being widely discussed at that time, The Lundsford case and the Trenton Duckett case.

This individual was not overly popular at the time and had been the target of a lot of criticism. When I started sending out private messages to people telling them what the owner of the lap top had on them, they were quite angry and concerned. A lot of them HAD NOT given the woman this information and had no idea how she obtained it.

Back then, there was no such thing as DOXING and it was far more difficult to obtain highly personal information than as it is now.

Once word about this got out on the forums, it was THEN the woman started demanding she wanted the lap top back although she did not offer to pay me back the money I PAID for it. She started to claim that I had stolen it even though many who were on the forum had witnessed the PUBLIC posts where I had offered to pay for it and she accepted the offer.

What we have here might be called “sellers remourse ” which is the opposite of what car dealers experience when a customer has “buyers remourse.” The latter is when the customer decides they do not want the car and take it back to the dealer to try and get a refund. Only this time that the seller had second thoughts and wanted it back without having to pay for it. Remember, she had NO job and NO income. She had left a job in which she was self employed and thus no unemployment insurance.

This is not the first time the woman had pulled this stunt. She had sold a high quality camera to the Canadian woman who owned the forum Useluths.com and then wanted it back. I never got the details of that incident.

The woman had gained the reputation as a moocher, going around and living off others. One time she was living on the front porch of someone who worked at a 7-11 and was being told that she would have to find somewhere else to live. I lost track of her after that.

What is the truth here is that I purchased a lap top that I did not really need in order to help a woman get enough money to get a place to live so that she would not have to live out of a car only to have that woman attack me and demand the lap top be given back to her FOR FREE because she had forgotten she was stalking people and had all of their personal information on the hard drive.

About a month after I started using the lap top on a regular basis, it quit working. The hard drive had gone bad and because the lap top had been poorly maintained, it gave out and I eventually threw it in the garbage.

It is likely sitting somewhere in the Lake County, Florida, Landfill.

If she wants it she can go there and dig it up.

Stay tuned