ontheairRadio made a point on it’s blog that there was a “relationship” between us prior to the Amelia Sobal saga. To that part I agree. It is also  important to make a point  here as to how that relationship evolved from back then to the present time.

A few years back, I came across Radionewz mainly due to it’s following the Haleigh Cummings case. At that time it was a good source of information about the case as a lot of people with local connections contributed to it’s content.

websleuthstricaAlso, I had noticed a dispute between Radionewz and Websleuths over the accusation that moderators at Websleuths were banning anyone reading or commenting at Radionewz (and these comments would not necessarily about Websleuths but about the case) which I felt and still feel was an unnecessary encroachment on free speech.

I did a blog about it and although I did not visit Radio’s blog frequently, I was under the impression that we had a cordial relationship.

That was, that is, until Radio decided to change the format of it’s blog. Instead of being an informative blog to read and comment about various subjects, the blog turned into a place where people were smeared, bullied and lied about. All of this was done under the guise of parody and satire.

The main target of the wrath of Radionewz, at that time was the Caylee Warriors who were actively protesting against Casey Anthony making any money off the death of Caylee. The tone of criticism directed by Radio towards them was of increasing concern to me and I began to comment about it.

It was all down hill from there and it is the primary cause of where we stand with each other today. I never asked for nor desired to be on any blog roll. My disagreement had nothing to do with Radio’s alliance with Alexandra H Goddard or some of the other abusers it has on it’s blog.

My concerns then and now are over the way Radio and company belittles and smears those it chooses to target.

No matter what spin Radio decides to put on the situation, all the evidence is out there. Take it or leave it.

Stay tuned