ontheairThe crowd over at Radionewz is getting defensive again using the old diversion of name calling as well as the recruitment of gullible loons to their fold.

Their latest tactic is this so indignation at posting a hypothetical theory that Radio just might be involved somehow in the fate of Haleigh Cummings. Radio in it’s all high and mighty rant chides me for bringing Haleigh Cummings into the discussion in this matter.

Now wait just a darn minute. Radio must be suffering from a case of bad memory or perhaps a serious case of hypocrite. Radio seems to forget there was and still is a case of someone out there accusing someone of both murdering a child and knowing where that child is.

Radio seems to forget there is someone out there who claims that someone might have the child buried in the back yard of his house.

Radio seems to forget there is someone out there who claims that someone wrote to a complete stranger that He strolls malls looking for victims and that he killed at least two children.

In all of these cases what does Radio do? Does it rail against all of this in vigilant criticism of those would dare make accusations of this nature? Does Radio criticize those who would dare use Trenton Duckett to accuse someone of murdering that child and knowing where he is buried? NO it does NOT.

Radio does just the exact opposite as does Holly Briley. They join right in on their own “Tim Holmseth” method of accusing people of having something to do with the fate of missing and deceased children.

If Radio is going to accuse someone of using missing and deceased children to put forth the so called tin hat theories, then it needs to look in the mirror.

The blog of this hypocrite is the evidence. It is no better than anyone else.

nwThe problem here is that Radio is a complete unknown. It takes extreme measures to hide it’s identity. It goes off shore to hide. It uses a sophisticated technical system of security to prevent even the most skilled person of backtracking through the internet to find out if Radio even exists or an elaborate sock puppet that may, in fact, be more than one person using the same account.

Radio, as it has dozens of times, will back away from any challenge to set the record straight. It and it’s sock puppet accounts have backed away from several of these strange statements of their own:

Radio has claimed that my deceased son is not my biological son. Ok, where is the proof, Radio

Radio has made the claim that I hated my son. Ok, where is the proof Radio?

Radio, through a sock puppet account Posted “ownership” information regarding vehicles and a mobile home yet refuses to state how this information was obtained. Why Radio?

These are just a few examples. Radio has done the same thing to others.

Radio accuses me of using Haleigh Cummings in my hypotheticals against it. The fact of the matter is that Radio and it’s sock puppet accounts has used Haleigh Cummings to go after it’s targets. Not only against Tim Holmseth but many others as well.

Now as for the LISK case. Radio seems to forget that it was it’s blog that came to the rescue of MM7 and allowed that individual to use the case to gain her own notoriety on the Radionewz blog.

Radio seems to think the comment regarding the Doctor that MM7 is naming as the primary suspect in multiple murders is a hoax on my part. It is free to do that, of course.

ckmsI do say this in closing, however. MM7 is trying to pin those murders on Dr Hackett. She is not doing so by merely writing a blog about him. She is accused by Dr Hackett and others of PLANTING EVIDENCE to FORCE law enforcement to arrest him for these murders.

MM7 is doing something far more serious than offering hypothetical theories regarding a blog owner that may not even exist, but is actively trying to get a man that law enforcement deemed not a a part of the case put on death row.

Before Radio and company heaps scorn on others, they need to look closely at themselves.

Stay tuned