ontheairA majority of the most famous people on earth do not exist. This seems to be the case with bloggers on the internet as well. There has been an ongoing debate over just who, for instance, Radio of Radionewz is.

There has been a number of individuals put forth as who “the real radio” might be. There is even speculation that Radio is nothing more than a sock puppet that several people use.

The person(s) under the Radio username offers an excuse or two why the identity should be kept  a big secret.

I have offered in the past one person who was outed as the reason why the administrators/ owners of blogs need to be identified.

Rather than bring up THAT well known person, I am going to bring up another example of someone who was a pretender and built up a complete fictional persona until she was outed by no less than those from the Radionewz camp.

Once upon a time there was a college student by the name of Amelia Sobel. This woman was a devotee of the Casey Anthony saga and even was implicated in the great Casey video scandal.

amelia1amelia2It was Amelia Sobel that first got me talking to Radio and even posting some Google earth images of where Amelia was supposed to have her offices.

There was, of course, a bit of a problem. Amelia Sobel did not exist. It was soon found out that Amelia Sobel was a “stage name” of one Amy Brooks.



The whole thing created quite a stir and even wound up being the topic of discussion on a number of websites:




This is but a small sample of what was going on during the whole Amelia Noel Sobel/Amy Brooks soap opera.

This is but one more reason why some people are curious is to who it is behind some usernames out there and mainly those who operate and administer blogs. Who knows? One of them might be Amy Brooks doing her own sequal.

Stay tuned